Monday, May 2, 2011

Trailblazing with Callie!

I have returned!

Woo Waterfalls!

I got back this afternoon from two nights and two days of camping in Sequoia National Park. Eron and I packed up the car and headed out on a roadtrip on Saturday! We stopped in Bakersfield (from Jonathan Gold's recommendation) and ate some Mexican food, and bought THE MOST AMAZING NUT CHEWS. Imagine a nut flavored tootsie roll surrounding salt and crushed nuts in the middle! They're addictive, delicious, and pretty much the highlight of our trip if it weren't for the MOST AMAZING PEPPERMINT ICE MILK that I purchased from that same place. What's ice milk you say? It has less cream and more sugar than normal ice cream, so it's similar to the ice cream you get from hand cranking, and it's less creamy and more slushy. Super delicious. The best part of Christmas is peppermint flavored ice cream, so getting it out of season is always exciting.

Here are some bullet points:

- Four feet of snow in May means oh so cold outside!
- Oops poison oak everywhere...
- All the things going wrong on our drive up


- Not stepping on the baby rattlesnake that was on our trail
- Seeing the lizard's outline inside the baby rattlesnake
- Amazing waterfall and rock formations
- Seeing the world's biggest tree up close and personal, and then tramping through the snow to all the other trees
- The best camping menu including breakfast burritos, grilled vegetable feta wraps and Kalbi with asparagus
- No reception means being completely disconnected

- Seeing the milky way clearly in the night sky

Eron makes breakfast

Going in May means that the campsite at the top of the mountain was actually covered in 4 feet of snow. As our LA wardrobes were just not prepared for that we camped and explored the foothills for the most part which meant that we got to explore areas that are usually unfriendly when it's 105 degrees out in the summer. When we went up top to visit the big trees, it was amazing to see that much snow and trees that huge. We spent a lot of time just enjoying the view out on Morro rock. 

I definitely want to do more camping and hiking just like this, it was super fun and relaxing. Now the unfortunate part, the cleaning up and unpacking!

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