Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Huckleberry Cafe

Huckleberry has become what many restaurants aim to be- the hot neighborhood spot.

Although I have never been in the afternoons, I have also never seen Huckleberry without a line. Frequently creeping out the door, the line to Huckleberry is part of the experience, waiting for your number and then swooping in and grabbing the next available table (never the other way around, let's not be assholes). Their menu is ever-changing and full of daily specials based on what is fresh at the farmer's market (where they get much of their produce).

My favorite part of Huckleberry is their pastries. The ingredients are put together in really solid, really innovative ways. The #1 thing to get is the Maple bacon biscuit. Some may narrow their eyes and wonder if the addition of bacon is just jumping on the hipster trend, but the combination of sweet and salty in the flaky biscuit doesn't even need butter.

Many of their pastries are adorned with giant pieces of fruit, never soggy, always tasting like the original fruit was made to taste. Their Cheddar chive biscuit inspires jealousy from all of Red Lobster. Their fried chicken was recently lauded as the best fried chicken in Los Angeles by Bon Appetit, I will get back to you with my opinion. I had their brisket hash bowl with fried eggs, I loved the greens put on top, but it was still very heavy simple food and not nearly as revolutionary as their pastries.

The interior of Huckleberry is large and airy with beautiful light and comfortable wooden chairs. The only problem with the interior is that it is loud. All the customers eating and waiting make it very loud and raucous. Despite this, the service is very good. Food comes out quickly and when they gave me the wrong item once they gave me my correct item in addition to the wrong item with a strong apology.

My recommendation? Go to the phone order pick up line, pick out two pastries, and take them to go, the beach isn't that far away! Or if you're at Rustic Canyon, order a dessert. You'll be getting the best of Huckleberry regardless.

Huckleberry Cafe
1014 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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