Sunday, March 20, 2011

Follow up and Macaroons

Three months later how am I doing on my resolutions and intentions? Well as you can see the blog hasn't been posted in. I don't wear sunscreen. I haven't used my KCRW card, but I am flossing. So I'd mark it up to a win.

My latest and current endeavor is to make macaroons. After recieving I <3 Macaroons for Christmas a couple of years ago I've been wanting to attempt them.

They are hard. The hardest thing that I have ever attempted to make. Many factors go into it including humidity and temperature in the room and I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

The basic steps to making macaroons include mixing powdered sugar and ground almonds, making meringue, and mixing it all together, putting the batter in a pastry bag and pouring it onto parchment paper in circles. A foot or "pied" will form as it bakes which is what makes them macaroons.

 I've made three attempts.

Batch 1- Macaroons did not dry and although they tasted good the foot did not form.

Batch 2- I accidentally used cornstarch instead of powdered sugar. Not successful.

Batch 3- Batter was too runny and did not form circles. In a fit of anger I threw them out before baking them. Regret.

Stay tuned to find out if I actually can make these!

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