Thursday, August 19, 2010


I should have done this first. I should have told the internet how much I love Chego, my current favorite restaurant in the whole entire world. If I had to eat at one restaurant every day for a month it would be Chego.

Like the Kogi truck? The best of the Korean taco trucks? You'll love Chego which is the creation of the same chef, "Papi Chulo" better known as Roy Choi. A chef with more credit than most high end restaurants, he is always around, and you can tell the secret ingredient is definetly love.

What I like about it
- Cheap! No Entree is more than $10! and it's a lot of food
- Loud Hip Hop music
- Great service! Mostly self-service but everyone is super helpful
- Bring a bottle of wine and some glasses! bring a bottle of beer! They don't care!
- Amazing rice bowls. Super tasty, and nothing you could ever make at home.

My Tips for eating there
- Be patient, it's busy sometimes
- Eat dessert! Get Appetizers! They're amazing!
- Ask what the specials are, that seemingly nonsensical name of a special might just be exactly what you want
- Share! Order different things and taste your friends' food. 
- Too crowded? Take it to go!

My favorite dish is probably the pork belly bowl, but I haven't been disappointed by anything. 
Happy eating!


3300 Overland Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034
Overland Avenue just south of the 10 in Palms.

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  1. I would certainly second the comment about asking about the specials. Being creations of Roy Choi nothing is as simple as it seems - Even the roasted asparagus had Habenero Blueberry Sauce as one of the three sauces drizzled on it.